A New Refugee Crisis on the Latvian-Russian Border

A New Refugee Crisis on the Latvian-Russian Border

After the annexation, Ukrainians flee the occupied territories to EU. At the border crossings in the Pskov region, the situation is approximately the same as on the borders with Kazakhstan and Georgia, there are many days of queues, there is not enough food and water, people sleep on the ground, etc.

This has been happening on the Russian side of the border with Latvia and Estonia for several days now. During this time, the queues are only growing…. Below is an eyewitness testimony, unfortunately, it is impossible to verify the information about the dead now.

«At both checkpoints there are queues for 3-7 days, hundreds of people. They sleep on the ground, many have no money and have run out of food.

At Kunichina Mountain, more than 200 (another bus arrived today).

Asked people right before the barrier (the first in line) — stood for 6+ days (mom with two kids).

On Shumilkino I think more than 1000.

I was there the day before yesterday (I think) was 900 (no one knows for sure).

Ours is not that do not pass, but very, very slowly doing everything. And the impression is that they are taking the piss. Yesterday at Shumilkino, a customs officer came out and said «what have you littered here, until you clean it up, I will not let you through».

There are a lot of mothers with children on Shumilkino, and a pregnant woman on Kunichina Gora.

Yesterday an 80 year old grandmother died, in Ubylinka I think.

Another woman died today. At the checkpoint of Kunichina mountain. They were talking about a man, but I didn’t see him. Another grandmother got sick at night, an ambulance came, first took her, then brought her back.