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Operational objectives

1.The main aim of the Foundation is to promote Christian morals and values in society.
2. to organise and establish mass media and periodical publications and its own resources, as well as to support Christian and humanitarian media activities.
3. organising charitable events and collecting donations in order to organise assistance in the social and economic spheres of Latvian society.
4. the creation, organisation and support of social homes for the homeless and socially vulnerable, as well as the organisation of nursing homes for these groups with a medical orientation.
5. social adoption of disadvantaged groups. Establishment of a centre for the support and social rehabilitation of such persons who have served their sentences in places of deprivation of liberty and for the organisation of their work activities.
6. support employment programmes and organise the fight against social inactivity. Organisation of a training centre for skills upgrading and training in new, in-demand labour specialities.
7. organising charity lotteries, auctions and raffles.
8. organisation of centres for combating drug and alcohol addiction Establishment of medical centres for these purposes, using psycho-spiritual practices. Establishing and participating in programmes to reduce nicotine dependence among the population.
9. developing and creating methods to reduce computer dependency in different sectors of society, based on spiritual practices.
10. the organisation of Sunday schools and other spiritual-educational institutions to work with children and to promote assimilation into Christian moral norms at an early age, the development of language and rhetorical skills and the ability to learn several additional foreign languages.
11. Establishment of centres to work with children from disadvantaged backgrounds, to support them, to organise additional training and positive leisure activities.
12. Establishment and promotion of Christian recovery programmes based on folk and alternative medical practices.
13. organising projects and promoting social entrepreneurship in the community.
14. setting up migrant worker centres, adapting them, qualifying labour skills to European standards, learning the basics of Latvian and major European languages and obtaining the necessary legal information to work in Latvia and other European countries. Selecting vacancies. Cooperation with similar centres in European and neighbouring countries.
15. provision of candles, printing materials and equipment for temple services and home prayers.
16. Publishing for the development and release of merchandise promoting the basic idea of the Foundation — to promote Christian morality in society through the production of magnets, postcards, mini books, bags, calendars and other printed publications of appropriate orientation.
17. to develop a project to promote the Latvian Lutheran Church temples as part of the cultural heritage of Latvia and Riga. Create a website with a complete list of Lutheran temples, photos, descriptions of functions, telephone contact numbers, cult information.
18. Develop information for tourists, travel routes, contact numbers for Lutheran pilgrimage sites in Latvia.
19. Promotion of our Christian products in the civil sales and public consumption segment.
20. to organise an information campaign on the celebration of the name day oriented towards Christianity, and to provide those who wish with appropriate attributes and gifts.
21. working with niche consumer products within the Christian tradition of healing: water, tea, wine, balsam, honey, prebiotics, and herbal preparations.
22. organising the logistics, delivery and promotion of products related to neighbouring Lutheran communities.
23. The Foundation is allowed to cooperate with other humanitarian aid structures and organizations of other denominations within the framework of existing cooperation projects of the Lutheran Church in order to carry out historical, cultural and economic projects together.
24. Development of Internet marketing projects for the promotion of Christian goods in Latvia and European countries.
25. the organisation, participation and support of any kind of business which is not contrary to Christian morality, in order to be able to fulfil the aims and objectives of the Foundation.
26. organising lectures, exhibitions, creative evenings, cultural festivals, literary discussions and competitions, seminars with informative presentations, masterclasses and film screenings.
27. presentations of cultural and musical programmes.
28. organisation of creative missions, internships and charity actions.

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