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A Christmas miracle for Ukrainian refugees in Riga

St. Meinard Foundation, organized a concert of the musical «A Christmas Miracle» in Riga for refugees from Ukraine, which took place as part of the group’s European tour. «A Christmas Miracle» is a performance that combines classical music with a musical show that everyone can enjoy. It is a special occasion to reflect on the […]

10,000 Catechisms and Prayer Books for Ukraine!

A new St. Meinard Foundation project is in the works. Dr. M. Luther’s Brief Catechism and Prayer Book are being printed in Ukrainian and Russian. Books in Ukrainian will be sent to Kiev as a gift to the local Lutheran Church. They will also be distributed to European parishes that have welcomed Ukrainian refugees

A New Refugee Crisis on the Latvian-Russian Border

After the annexation, Ukrainians flee the occupied territories to EU. At the border crossings in the Pskov region, the situation is approximately the same as on the borders with Kazakhstan and Georgia, there are many days of queues, there is not enough food and water, people sleep on the ground, etc. This has been happening […]