Help for the Refugee Welfare Center in Krakow

Help for the Refugee Welfare  Center in Krakow

During the Pilgrimage for Peace, delegates from the St. Maynard Foundation (Rev.Pavel Levushkan and Rev.Timofey Medvedev) donated aid to the Refugee Welfare Center in Krakow. We have been cooperating with this center since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Mrs. Grazhina supports hundreds of people who receive fresh and healthy food every day. Thanks to the support of our partners, we were able to buy equipment to organize the production of dumplings and cakes. Women from Ukraine can thus earn money to buy bread for themselves and their children. This time, we donated the help collected by Christians in Europe for a Polish project. Thanks to this, Grazyna was able to buy a professional refrigerated cabinet for storing dairy products in the summertime.

The city government provides space for rent near the main station. In one visit there is a food bank, in the second is now being equipped for overnight stays. Every Sunday, Grazyna and her husband hold street services in the square near the train station, where they preach the gospel to refugees and people in difficult situations.