Lutheran Catechisms in Estonia

Our publishing ministry helps spread the gospel outside of Latvia. We sent a batch of Martin Luther’s Brief Catechisms with a Prayer Book to Pastor Pavel Zayakin, who does Russian-speaking work in Tallinn, Estonia. May they serve as a blessing and help many people find their way in the church!

Testimony of a volunteer from Liepaja

Hello, I am a volunteer from Liepaja. We work at the terminal every day from 6pm we help Ukrainians who are passing through our city on their way to Germany. We feed them soup, give them water for the trip, sandwiches, tea, coffee and sweets. While the parents are doing the paperwork, we deal with […]

St. Meinard Foundation continued to help refugees from Ukraine

From June to August 2022, the St. Maynard Foundation continued to help refugees from Ukraine. Our focus was on refugees from Mariupol and Kherson, who after weeks and months under shelling, after the horror of Russian filtration camps, were given the opportunity to reach Europe. These are «last hour» refugees — in the most difficult […]

Midsummer at the Liepaja Sea Port for Refugees

Today we organized a real Latvian Midsummer for our fellow Mariupolians at the ferry terminal in Liepaja! There was Midsummer cheese, bread, kvass, a classic rhubarb pie. We organized a photo area where people could take pictures with wreaths. People were very satisfied, they said that midsummer cheese is the most delicious cheese they have […]

Help the Mariupol refugees in Liepaja

Report on how we help the Mariupol refugees in Liepaja .Every day about 100 people — most of them women and children — travel through Liepaja to Germany. The ferry company Stena Line gives them free tickets, and we help them get to the ferry terminal, feed them with hot soup, sandwiches, cookies, coffee and […]

Help for the Refugee Welfare Center in Krakow

During the Pilgrimage for Peace, delegates from the St. Maynard Foundation (Rev.Pavel Levushkan and Rev.Timofey Medvedev) donated aid to the Refugee Welfare Center in Krakow. We have been cooperating with this center since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. Mrs. Grazhina supports hundreds of people who receive fresh and healthy food every day. Thanks […]