Self-employment opportunities for refugees in Krakow

Thanks to the help of friends from Finland, several refugee families from Ukraine, with whom the Krakow partner of our Foundation works, were able to earn a living. They were given professional pots, pans and meat grinders to start their own small business: making Ukrainian dumplings and cakes. They had nothing to start with. But […]

Tea from Riga’s best masters for refugees

Tuesday April 12 at 16:00, together with Latvia Tea Board we invite Ukrainians and their friends to a tea ceremony and an opportunity to talk and chat at the Riga Tea Club at Kaļķu iela 7 in Old Riga.Free of charge. Registration by phone 20011100 is required to explain where the tea club is located.A […]

Humanitarian catastrophe in the center of Europe

We learned about the war early in the morning of February 24. It came as a real shock to our Slavic Lutheran congregation in Riga. Our parishioners speak and think in Russian, and suddenly it turns out that Russian soldiers are killing Russians and Ukrainians in Kharkov, Kiev, Kherson, and Mariupol. I think that in […]

Preparing to print spiritual literature for churches that work with refugees

In the coming weeks, we plan to print and give free of charge to Lutheran parishes in Poland and Latvia a Small Catechism and Prayer Book in Ukrainian and Russian. For spiritual help to those who need it. В ближайшие недели мы планируем напечатать и бесплатно передать лютеранским приходам в Польше и Латвии Краткий Катехизис […]

Humanitarian aid delivered to residents near Mariupol

Humanitarian aid from Finland and Latvia was delivered to its destination. Chaplains from the Church of Good Change in Mariupol are distributing it to those most affected by the war. May God bless these brave people! We pray for them and for all the partners in the foundation’s humanitarian work. We plan to send another […]

Tea for Ukraine

Latvia Tea Board and Svētā Meinarda fonds invite refugees from Ukraine to free «Good teas» in Old Riga on Tuesdays from April 5 at 16:00 in Riga Tea Club on Kaļķu iela 7. The programme: Tea ceremony, shakuhachi (Japanese flute), mindfulness meditation, talk in a warm safe atmosphere.Admission is free, but registration is required as […]

Refugees are already in Helsinki

Together with our Finnish partners from NAUHA, we organized the arrival of a group of refugees from Krakow to Tampere. Thank you Finnish brothers and sisters for your help and warm welcome to Ukrainians in Finland! May God bless you! Вместе с финскими партнёрами из организации NAUHA организовали приезд группы беженцев из Кракова в Тампере. […]

Thanks for your help from Grazhina from Poland

A thank you from Grażyna, coordinator of the Charity Center in Krakow, which supports our foundation. Together with colleagues and friends from Finland, the Netherlands and Latvia, we continue to develop a project to help refugees on the ground in Poland. More than 150,000 refugees from Ukraine have arrived in Krakow. Grazyna helps them in […]

A group of Ukrainian refugees goes to Finland

Prayer before we leave. Together with friends from NAUHA (Finland), we organized three buses to Tampere, where refugees will receive a warm welcome and even Ukrainian classes in schools. Молитва перед отъездом. Вместе с друзьями из организации NAUHA (Финляндия) организовали выезд трёх автобусов в Тампере, где беженцев ждёт тёплый приём и даже украинские классы в […]