St. Meinard Foundation continued to help refugees from Ukraine

St. Meinard Foundation continued to help refugees from Ukraine

From June to August 2022, the St. Maynard Foundation continued to help refugees from Ukraine. Our focus was on refugees from Mariupol and Kherson, who after weeks and months under shelling, after the horror of Russian filtration camps, were given the opportunity to reach Europe.

These are «last hour» refugees — in the most difficult situation. In Mariupol, their homes have been destroyed. Their city is under brutal occupation by the Russian army, as well as by illegal gangs of the so-called «Donetsk People’s Republic. In Europe, assistance programs are running out for them, it is difficult to find housing, and their benefits have been reduced.

All hope for such people lies only in charitable organizations and the charity of Christians.

Residents of Russian-occupied regions of Ukraine do not have the opportunity to leave through the western border, only through Russia, going through humiliating filtration processes. In Russia, local volunteers help these people to leave for the West via the Baltics.

We financially support a refugee aid center in Liepaja, Latvia

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